Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Signs of Unhappy Relationships

Unhappy relationships should be identified before it results in a detrimental condition for you and your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband. If your mate is not making you happy anymore, then you are definitely in an unhealthy relationship.

No one really expects to be happy all the time but when you can not remember the last time the two of you had a good laugh, then it is time to move on. It would not make sense to stay in a relationship of unhappiness becuase the bottom line is that unhappiness does not constitute a healthy relationship. Talk openly with your partner and most of all do not depend on the other party to make you smile all the time. You need, however, to let the person in the relationship know if you are genuinely unhappy with how things are going between the two of you.

Sex is good for the marriage or relationship and connects the intimacy needed between two people. If one is always having a headache or an excuse not to sleep with you then that is not a good thing for your marriage. You may require a marriage counselor for this one to get the sparks flying again because talking about this ailment is not going to be a cureall. The wife or husband may think that you are not being understanding about their lack of desire is justified. Only you know what has been going on in your relationship and why you are no longer turned on by your supposedly signigicant other. You may want to explore the reasons with a marriage counselor as the lack of sex in a marriage is unhealthy.

If no one is talking to each other that means that the relationship is unhealthy. Communication between partners in a relationship is what keeps the relationship together and healthy. Communication involves more than two people just talking and exchanging ideas especially about the relationship. Sometimes communication involves just listening to what the other person is talking about and earnestly trying to understand what is being said. If you are just waiting to get your point across then you are not really listening. Try listening to what the other partner is saying if you think that the communication part of your relationship needs revamping. Communication is the key to understanding what the other person in the relationship has to say and can very well cure an unhealthy relationship.

If one of the people in the relationship is having a relationship then the relationship is unhealthy and very well may be over. There is a new cultural change made by Hilliary Clinton when she stayed with her husband, Bill Clinton even though the whole country knew that he had cheated. Maybe her high profile mandated that she stay in an unhealthy relationship. It used to be that women would leave their husband having an affair but now they are standing by their man. It is most assuredly a reason other than love that women are staying in their relationship. Maybe career aspirations or family cohesiveness has to do with these women staying in unhealthy relationships. Each situation is different and professional counseling should be sought in each case of infidelity. Being in an unhealthy relationship for the kids or for the sake of status is not good and help should be sought to cure what ails this type of relationship.

You are finding excuses not to be with your partner by working overtime when there is no work to do. You have lost interest in your partner and it is making your relationship unhealthy. You would rather be with anyone else except your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. Why be in a relationship with someone if you do not want to be together. Such a relationship of separatism while in a relationship is unhealthy and should be brought up for discussion immediately if you want to save the relationship. Seek the help of a therapist to find out what happened in the relationship to make you want to work overtime rather than to be with your partner. This feeling of wanting to be separated from your partner makes for an unhealthy relationship that is not good for the both of you.

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